Pearl Jam Meets Hall of Fame 


About a year ago today, I was on my way to Miami to catch Pearl Jam at the start of their 2016 tour. 

This would be the first PJ concert for one of my best friends, and when we finally made it to Tampa, it would also be my sisters first PJ experience. Both concerts were epic as always, and both of these girls now have a much better understanding of my passion (obsession) for the band. 

If you want to see someone having a religious experience, meet me in the GA section of any PJ show! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

My love for Pearl Jam extends back to the very first time I heard Eddie Vedder’s voice. I was about 7 years old, sitting on a pool table and the song “Hunger Strike” came on. 

Everyone is always asking me…”what were you doing on a pool table at 7?” My brother used to hang out at this pool hall with all his friends and I would tag along. Whether he wanted me to or not. I wasn’t fond of staying home for a variety of reasons. It was a different time and a one street town no ones ever heard of in Mississippi. Don’t worry, I wasn’t drinking beer, only smoking cigs. 🤘🏻

From the moment Eddie started singing in Hunger Strike, my heart skipped a few beats. His voice sounded familiar to me. What was more, it was unlike anything else I had ever heard in this world. This was it. This was my favorite song of all time! This was the band that would get me through the life I was born to live. The good, the bad, the unspeakable. 

If you’ve never heard Hunger Strike, you owe it to yourself:

Eddie Vedder has the ability to sing with a passion that is completely transferable. It’s the kind of music you can feel, not just in your feet, but deep down in the knitty gritty parts of your soul. The parts of you no one else sees. Just look at this man still kicking ass…

Pearl Jam is not just a band, but an experience. There are bands that compare, but there is nothing else like it.

Mike McCready has the ability to play guitar as if he were speaking a universal language. If you’ve never seen him perform live, search you tube for any solo performance and I promise that your life will never be the same! Also if you think you know everything about guitar, you know nothing until you’ve seen this man at work. 

Jeff Ament makes bass his bitch. He’s been there since the beginning. He’s loyal to the music, the band and everything he believes in. He’s a beautiful musician and an even better person.

Stone Gossard does it all, literally.  There’s no other way to describe it.

Matt Cameron isn’t the original drummer for Pearl Jam, but in a way he’s been there since the beginning too with Temple of the Dog, before he was the drummer for Soundgarden. So he grew up in the same family, so to speak. 

 Today Pearl Jam and above mentioned musical heroes will be inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame, and I couldn’t be prouder or more happy for their success. 

It’s like growing up reading a comic book and suddenly that comic book is now real life. A less nerdier comparison might be the way some of you feel about football when your team wins the Super Bowl. I have not yet had that feeling about football, but I’ve witnesssed it and the comparison is pretty solid. 

Hopefully you at least know who Pearl Jam is, or after reading this, you now want to! 

Feel free to share with me your favorite band and when you first heard them as well. My love for music does extend past Pearl Jam I swear, but today, it’s all about them. 

Congratulations Pearl Jam, you deserve this and everything else on the wishlist. 



Reflection – 2016 Year End


Earlier this year, I decided my word for 2016 would be “Present”, as in being actively present in life and all parts of it. The good and the bad. As a result, I believe 2016 has felt like one of the longest and most intense years of my life. If this year were a cocktail, I’d call it Crazy Mary. Yes, that is a Pearl Jam song.

“One night thunder cracked. Mercy backed outside her windowsill.
Dreamed I was flying high above the trees over the hills.
Looked down into the house of Mary.
Bare bulb on Newspaper covered walls. And Mary rising up above it all.
Oh… Oh… Oh…
Next morning on the way into town saw some skid marks and followed them around.
Over the curve, through the fields, into the house of Mary.
That what you fear the most could meet you halfway.”

That last line strikes a true chord in me. “That what you fear the most could meet you halfway.” Whether you are terrified of success or failure, love or heartbreak, what you know for sure and what you know nothing about at all; whatever it is, it could meet you halfway. That’s  both a frightening and reassuring statement to consider. It’s like saying whatever happens, it’s going to hurt eventually because it matters… but if you are willing to go for it, if you’re willing to really put yourself out there (balls to the wall), then it could meet you halfway. Isn’t that better than never having it? Never knowing? Living the same day over and over again like a bad Justin Bieber song….for the love, someone change the station!!

Oh wait, it’s you, you have to change the station if you want to experience something new. You may not like it, it could even be worse, but it will be different. Change is good. Change is always good because we learn from it and knowedge is infinite.

I learned a lot this year…. some things I had to learn more than once. That’s just me. I’m very thorough you see. I don’t make the same mistake twice, I like to make it three or four times JUST to be sure ! (As the saying goes…) I’m also very stubborn and I wouldn’t want to be any other way.

With that said… let’s re-cap the 2016 Bucket List

1.) Go to Prom – Check!

Not only did my prom date kick ass, but Salt-N-Peppa were there to help us dance the night away in the proper decade! This was an awesome night and proves some of the best nights are worth the wait.


2.) Road trip in a convertible – Check!

We were so excited about cruising around in the convertible that I never actually took any pictures of the car itself. Note: It was a Ford Mustang and a fabulous addition to this road trip!

3.) Go on tour with Pearl Jam – Check!

What better excuse for a road trip than to follow Pearl Jam around for a week? Alright, alright… so I know that doesn’t classify as actually going on tour with Pearl Jam …but just let me have this one, because it’s probably as close as I’ll ever get!

From Miami to Tampa with 2 of my favorite girls and my favorite band.

These shows were E P I C as always. I love you Pearl Jam! I love you Eddie! #yourbiggestfan

4.) Complete a half-marathon – Check!


Anchorage Mayor’s Half Marathon, 2 hours and 38 minutes. I am very proud of this accomplishment and I’m even contemplating a full marathon in the future. I said contemplating… don’t get all excited just yet.

5.)  Go somewhere in Alaska I’ve never been – Check!

Homer, Alaska. Beautiful waters, great halibut fishing and good times all around.


6.) Find a rainbow Eucalyptus tree – Check!

Maui, Hawaii


While we were in Maui, I also checked off:

#7: Travel the road to Hana and #8: Visit a new island.

My friend drove the road to Hana for us and I have to say it wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be. However, if you are easily car sick, this is not the drive for you. With that said, it’s a fine ride with the appropriate dose of Dramamine and the right people. That is until you pass Hana of course, and then you are basically SOL in a rented SUV. The previous twists and turns makes what lies after Hana look adorable. We turned around a mile or so away from the Seven Sacred Falls. Some things just belong on a post card! Here’s a bit of what we did see…

9.) Publish first novel – Epic fail. I did not do this for many reasons. Did I finish the book? Yes, I did. I just haven’t figured out if that’s how I want to end. I’m just not done. I don’t know if I ever will be as what’s in this book is all a very intricately weaved web of days gone by and days not yet had. More to come…

I didn’t really have a number 10 this year. I was just going to fly by the seat of my pants and see where things took me. Here’s how that has worked out:

  • Started backpack initiative for keeping the homeless warm. Donations have been received to date for this project and distribution is in the works with a local charity.
  • Set out to lose an additional 10 lbs, only 25 to go! Yes, I gained quite a bit of weight this year but I’ve also never felt healthier or happier. You win some, you lose some. Not always in pounds.
  • Brought my sister to Alaska for the first time! It was so much fun to introduce her to my beautiful world. I love her so much and so glad she got to see where I call home.
  • Fell in love. ❤ He’s like Christmas morning. Every time I see him, I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life.
  • Let go of toxic relationships. If people in your life are consistently handing you the scissors, cut the chord.

So that’s where I am in Living Out Loud. Where are you? Do tell.

It’s been a great year! I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds.


❤ Kat

Bucket List Update


I am so completely, head over heels, truly, inevitably in LOVE…

things i love:

With my current bucket list line up… and my life! haha.




My date is tall and oh-so-gorgeous! The band is Salt-N-Peppa! All I need now is the perfect retro (cheap) dress! This will seriously be my first prom folks. No, I’m not kidding.  In high school I was less than popular.

We could leave it at that…or, I could tell you I was a total nerd with pink hair who may or may not have in fact been at prom…. and who may or may not have had something to do with fireworks in the gymnasium…

Ahem, anyway! Moving right along! 


4/8/16-4/14/16 – Take a beach road trip somewhere in a stylish convertible.

Vogue January 1961

Isn’t this a dream we all have? If not, what the hell is wrong with you? Sunshine, wind in your hair, car dancing, produce stands along the way. Besides, I just love fast cars and excuses to kidnap my girlfriends! I also love Pearl Jam and I’ll be catching 2 concerts with 2 of my favorite people. 4/9 ( Pearl Jam – Miami ) 4/11 (Pearl Jam -Tampa).

Are you ready for Pearl Jam's 2015 Latin American Tour? Tickets for Chile, Mexico City, and Colombia are on sale now! Find the full list of tour dates at #PJLatinAmerica2015 #PearlJam:

No big deal! Let me just put my heart back inside of my chest…


6/18/16 – Mayor’s Half Marathon

I always like to have a good fitness goal for the year so I have decided that I will be running 13 miles on 6/18. I have also accepted the fact that doing so might kill me. Currently, I run about 5 miles before I am unable to comprehend the art of breathing and my legs feel like jello. A standard 5 k was my goal last year, so this is quite a stretch!

Luckily, I still have plenty of time to train and I’m planning to do a few good races in between for solid practice. I’m struggling mostly with diet. Of course, that is not because I don’t know what to eat but because I just really LOVE food okay? Shut up scale. I’m working on balance instead of perfection. Balance is easier because it actually exists.


8/22/16 – First novel to be released. That’s right! This is finally happening. If you know me or have dated me, you are probably in it. Title TBD.

The fall and remainder of the year is still pretty open. I’ve got a few things in the works. I’m not quite sure how it will all play out just yet, but I am confident it will be just as wonderful as the rest of the year.

What dreams of yours are coming true? Remember, don’t let them starve.





Happy Birthday!!


Today marks the TWO YEAR birthday of my little cyber space in the blogging world. Happy Birthday Living Out Loud!! You have grown into more than I could have ever imagined and caused me to grow as well.

To celebrate, I took a short day at work and spent plenty of time being pampered from the feet up. Nails, hair, chocolate cupcakes… and wine of course! Tis’ the season where calories do not exist, right!? At least until the 1st of the year. I’ll take it!

The new highlights are a bit difficult to see but there’s a bit of purple in there, which is my favorite color and one I’ve debated adding in for a long period of time. It’s not drastic or anything, I still have a day job after all. Yet, it is definitely a nice change from the caramel blonde I’ve had for a while now. New year, New hair!


I’m still working on the 2016 bucket list but one of the top 5 items on it is to blog 365 times in 2016. That means I am either blogging with you every single day, or sometimes, TWICE a day! Such consistent intimacy is said to be a sign of a healthy relationship, and I want us to be very healthy.

A large portion of my pending bucket list depends on Pearl Jam’s 2016 US tour. Yes, that’s right. My entire year of goals revolves around one event. True love knows no shame! Wherever Eddie goes to celebrate Pearl Jam’s 25th anniversary, I fully intend to be there. Now, if Eddie and the rest of the band would just tell us all where THAT is… we can get on with our lives. Tick………. tock.

In the meantime, I am definitely planning to rest and relax through the holiday season with loved ones. Enjoy the company of your family and friends as much as possible, time is the best gift we have to offer every day of the year. Make people a priority.

I’ve always got time for you and I’ll be back before the end of the year. Until then…