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I had an interesting conversation with my lovely niece today. She wondered why women accept so much less than they deserve… Don’t they know they deserve better? Don’t they understand by going back to the same type of man, they will suffer the same consequences? Don’t women know they are beautiful, that they are indeed the prize? This is common sense, right?

Perhaps, it is because being alone and starting over is so difficult. I know this all too well. It’s very difficult in high school, even more difficult when you are married and almost seems inevitable once you go through a divorce. To be perfectly honest, there is no glamour to being single in your 30’s. It’s sad. Netflix and chill sad… This is what we deal with. Exhibit A:



Sure, he has a house and a car… he obviously took the initiative to make a date night plan… ladies, this is as GOOD as it gets!

Women accept less than they deserve when someone causes them to doubt their worth. Women are always worth more than they feel. For God sakes, we bring life into the universe! Top that with your abs and perfectly cut briefs sir… I dare you!

While there may be little glamour to dating after your 30, and I am certainly exhausted at age 31, you must continue to try. For the simple fact that you deserve more than Netflix and chill kinda guys, or for the fact that you are too fucking beautiful to dance alone in your living room in your favorite pajamas.

The world is too big darling, and though it may break your heart in so many ways, the heartbreak just means you still have the ability to reach the fairy tale. Dream… dream big!






January in Alaska.


Many people I talk to around the world often ask me the same question, “Is it really dark there right now, for 6 months right?”. Well, yes and no. We actually start to gain light slowly in January. While there is light, it is often very cloudy, which makes everything look much darker than it actually is. Seasonal depression has a way of showing up and making life seem that way too.

I hate that part. The part when you can’t see the light and even when it shows up for a little while, you don’t recognize it anymore. You hold your arm up over your eyes and it takes you a while to remember the joy the sun brings. ESPECIALLY when you are trying to drive and it’s shining directly into your eyes and beaming off of the bright banks of snow. It’s the whitest light you have EVER seen and it can seriously start to piss you off!

It’s a tough time of year for us all I think. We just spent the holidays with loved ones and now it’s back to 5 days a week, 9-5 grind, trying to focus on whatever our “New Year, New Me” goals are.

I’ve started working out in the mornings, and I am NOT a morning person. However, I am working towards running a marathon in June and in order to do that, I’ve got to achieve certain fitness goals. So that means not missing workouts and morning is the one time I am too tired to make excuses. But holy fuck, I am tired. I am tired in my bones. I am the kind of tired they say sleep can’t fix. Which is why I’ve got to keep getting up, going out into the dark and cold weather, making it to the gym, etc. I’ve got to be relentless about the promises I made to myself. These are the most important promises we make. If you don’t keep them, who will?

What I am trying to say is, I get it. It’s hard. We are all going through something, and that just means we are going somewhere right? Right! Keep your head up beautiful.


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Day 4 of 365


Day 4 of 365. Day 1 back to reality and WOW… did shit get real!

Let’s review.

  • I had to wake up at 6am. After 3 days of sleeping in till noon, this alone was a tragedy.
  • Carefully walked all day across block after block of ice at the pace of the walking dead, no, not the super fast zombie kind. The “holy shit… why did I wear these shoes?” kind.
  • Nearly eaten alive by elevator. What is WITH those sensors? Seriously?! I swear there is some wizard behind those things pressing buttons like the game “Operation!” except it’s “Elevator!” and he is winning.
  • Literally found myself stuck inside of  car wash with lights flickering on and off like a bad music video… I started to think…  “This is how it ends…and I can’t even find my milli vanilli CD.. ” My car is still dirty and I am out $10.00. The good news is I didn’t get murdered, and I found my CD.

Well played Monday, well played. As for tomorrow….

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If there is one thing I have been ALL IN on doing the last few days, it has been sleeping. I LOVE to sleep.I also happen to live in Alaska where daylight is a short and distant memory this time of year, so like all other animals in these mountains, I am taking time to catch up on my beauty rest.

Tomorrow it is back to work for me and many others. Gone are the 3 and 4 day weekends for a while! During any typical work week, I am damn lucky to get 7 hours of rough sleep every night. I think this is a common number of sleep hours for most of us, right?

There are plenty of articles that offer advice on getting more sleep. (Sleep Tips) Quite frankly, I find them all to be highly unrealistic. For example, some of their tips include advice as follows:

1.) “Avoid alcohol before bedtime” – Seriously? I have waited for this one glass of red wine ALL friggin day. It is the reason I made it through traffic, meetings, piles of paper work, my daily workout, etc. This one glass of vino is my reward for getting out there and adulting. I refuse to give it up. Next!

2.) “Visualize a peaceful, restful sleep” – I would love to! If I could only rid my mind of the 186 problems that do not actually exist, including the fact that it is already midnight and I have to be up in 6 hours. Sleep research must be a calm gig…

3.) “Avoid caffeine during the day “- ………. this would end badly. Not just for me, but for the universe. What are these people even thinking?

Personally, I think having  a good bedtime routine is the best way for most of us to get more sleep. If that includes playing on Pinterest for a good hour, do it. If in addition, you’d like to have a glass of vino to help you wind down, go for it! Do what you know relaxes you. We sleep better when we don’t have to worry about getting enough sleep anyway. Perhaps it is really that simple… ?

Speaking of relaxing, I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday! For me it is laundry and cleaning day, then off to a movie and shopping date. Take it easy, relax and let us all try to keep that momentum going for the sake of future sleep this week.










2016: The Year of Being Present


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Remember the way that teachers used to do roll call in our grade school years? They would pull out their roster every morning and one by one go down the list, pausing momentarily for each individual to account for their own attendance by stating they were “present” or “here”.

I once had an English teacher in middle school by the name of Mrs. Greer. She was an older lady and had likely been teaching decades before I was even born . During her roll call, if you stated you were “here”, she would stare you down and continue to call your name louder each time until you announced you were “present”. When the student finally caught on and stated they were in fact “present”, she would smile and move right on.

I always thought she was just a very difficult woman set in her ways or that maybe this was some pet peeve she had. Now that I am older, I understand there is a HUGE difference in being here and being present.

“Here” refers to your location, the place of your existence. The actual location is irrelevant. Anyone can be anywhere, but when we are actively existing in the current moment, we become present. There is no point of being anywhere if you are not ALL there. That was what she was teaching us each morning without any of us realizing it. Thank you Mrs. Greer.

Normally, I just make a list of the upcoming years top ten goals for the bucket list project. The list is my roster, it is what I use to hold myself accountable.

This year is going to be a little different. YOU are going to hold me accountable. No pressure. The list itself will exist as an ongoing project, open and flexible. The goal for 2016 is being PRESENT.

This idea came to me via a fellow bloggers mention of the ONE WORD project. A new concept on New Year Resolutions to define your year by one word instead of a single goal or promise that can easily be broken. Check out the site to choose your word for the year and check out her blog too at Life Already in Progress.

Whatever your word is for the year, I hope it challenges you to achieve greater things not only in this world, but in yourself. Happy New year to you and yours!!